Groupon Grassroots is a Huge Success for the Center!

Mon, 05/28/2012 (All day) - Sun, 06/03/2012 (All day)

Thank you to everyone that supported our Groupon Grassroots campaign!  With your generosity we were able sell approximately 360 toiletry kits.  The items for these kits will be purchased through Walgreens where they are giving us a price break to help make this affordable.

If you did not donate through the campaign, but would like to donate now please visit our Support Us page.


Groupon Grassroots, the philanthropic arm of Groupon, is partnering with the Center to help raise money to purchase toiletry kits for the Center's homeless continuum.  These kits may include, and are not limited to,  items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, razors and hand sanitizer. The Center is then partnering with Walgreens where they will give the Center discounted prices to make this affordable for everyone.

Kits will be sold to Groupon subscribers to purchase for just $10 and you can purchase as many as you like.

Lack of basic hygiene leads to illness and a myriad of other problems for chronically homeless individuals. These donations will go a long way to ensure that these clients get healthy and stay on a healthy path to recovery.

By giving homeless individuals basic toiletry kits you are also helping them to not only help improve their self-esteem, but also providing them a small sense or normalcy in their lives. By receiving this kit, an individual begins the process of building trust with program staff (something they lack the ability to do because of life circumstances). Eventually, with continued outreach and establishing a relationship with the outreach staff, the individuals stop into our Cornerstone program and gradually partake in the program and open themselves up to receiving services from the Center including shelter and housing.