Caring for Kids – Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Program Stories

//Caring for Kids – Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Program Stories

Caring for Kids – Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Program Stories

Earlier this year, the Rodriguez children were referred from their school to the Caring for Kids Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) program.

Both kids – Janet age 5-years-old, and Nick, age 11 – had experienced emotional abuse due to domestic violence in their home. They also witnessed a homicide in their community. As a result of these experiences, both children exhibited significant trauma symptoms, including night terrors, hypervigilance and feelings of guilt that they were still alive. The CHAT team – comprised of a Mental Health Clinician and a Mental Health Counselor – provided a comprehensive psychosocial mental health assessment for the children and a basic needs assessment with the parent to identify family resource needs. While the Counselor worked with Ms. Rodriguez to apply for Victims of Crime compensation and address other case management resource needs, the clinician worked with Janet and Nick on an individual basis to reduce their trauma symptoms and create a sense of safety – both in the therapy room and at home.

Over the next few months, the children’s symptoms began to diminish; however, it became clear that Janet and Nick needed longer-term services. While the clinician worked with one of the Center’s outpatient children’s clinics to ensure a smooth transition for the children, funding for relocation services through the Victims of Crime application was approved. When the children were comfortable and secure with their new therapy services, the family was able to move to a new residence, which provided a much safer environment to live.

The CHAT staff would like to congratulate Janet, Nick, and Ms. Rodriguez on all of their hard work and wish them continued support on their continued journey to heal from their traumatic experience.