Leticia Gonzalez

///Leticia Gonzalez

Leticia Gonzalez

Director of Management Information Systems

Leticia has been with the MIS department since 2000 and currently oversees MIS, Billing and Medical Records departments for the entire Centerwide programs.

Under her direction, the Data Process and Billing Departments capture and process all billing into the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.  She has  completed a data conversion project for the Medicare Rendering provider’s enrollment, and recently set up a database with EDI capability for the Medicare claims transaction process. She also led the medical records team through the conversion of a manual Medical Records Chart system to an Electronic Client Records Tracking system for the Center. In addition, she designed training manuals and trained all users on the Medicare and the Medical Records Tracking system.Leticia is also the project manager for the Electronic Health Records System.

Her role will be the design, evaluation and selection of a cost effective, comprehensive management information system tailored to the emerging needs of the Center.