Homebound – Older Adult Field Capable Clinical Services (OAFCCS)

//Homebound – Older Adult Field Capable Clinical Services (OAFCCS)

Field Capable Clinical Services for Older Adults (FCCS) are specialized clinical services delivered by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals specifically trained to work with older adults.

The Team will provide clinical assessment, medication support, mental health services, crisis intervention, and linkage to community services.

FCCS offers services to help with recovery. The multi-disciplinary treatment team brings mental health services to a location convenient to the older adult client. Some FCCS clients may be unwilling to receive services in traditional mental health settings due to the stigma associated with mental illness. Services will be provided in locations in the community, such as the offices of a primary care physician or in their homes.

The goal of FCCS is to improve access to specialty mental health services for older adults who are unable to obtain services in traditional mental health settings due to impaired mobility, fragility or geographic limitations.

Services Include:

  • Outreach and Engagement
  • Bio-Psychosocial Assessment and Care
  • Medication Evaluation and Support
  • Support Wellness and Recovery of Vulnerable Older Adult Clients
  • Home visits to Increase Accessibility and to Strengthen a Client’s Network of Relationships & Decrease Social Isolation.
  • Case Management—Linkage and Referral
  • Assist Clients in developing Community
  • Living Skills and utilizing community resources.
  • Benefits Establishment Services

Clients are referred by the community at large, including: Local Mental Health Clinics, Primary Care Settings, Homeless Shelters and Older Adult Residences, Hospitals, Religious Organizations and Senior Centers.

Fees are assessed based on ability to pay according to a sliding scale. Gross income and family size are taken into consideration. Medi-Cal and Medicare are accepted. Medicare HMO is excluded.

The program is partially funded by a contract through the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health through the Mental Health Services Act.

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