Millie’s Story – Consumer of the Year

//Millie’s Story – Consumer of the Year

Millie’s Story – Consumer of the Year

“Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. At that time I was trapped in a world of hallucinations and voices, disconnected from the reality around me. Now I am able to have a life that is not defined just by my illness. I am not cured – I’m in recovery.”

“Millie” is a shining example of someone who has been able to fully embrace her recovery, being active in every step of the process. We have many success stories at the Center, but Millie’s is one that grabbed the attention of so many.

Ten years ago she started to improve at a slow pace it wasn’t until the last two years that she really began to flourish. She started cognitive therapy at the Center for Family Living and really embraced her diagnosis, going so far as to let others in on what she had previously referred to as her “dirty little secret.”

Once Millie started to feel more stable in the world around her she enrolled in the Center’s Peer Counseling Class and is now a recent graduate. She truly jumped in to the Wellness Center and wants to make an impact on others around her.

Millie’s growth has been so great that she is now an employee at the Client Run Center.

“I am grateful for the tools and courage the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center has given me so that I can continue on as an effective advocate for others.”