Intensive Case Management Services (ICMS)

/, Homeless/Intensive Case Management Services (ICMS)

Intensive Case Management Services, ICMS, works with clients who are homeless and have a chronic illness or physical disability. ICMS supportive services are designed to help individuals placed in permanent housing achieve and maintain health, mental health, and housing stability.

ICMS assists individuals at every stage of the housing stabilization process. Client services are regularly monitored and adjusted based on each client’s level of functioning and specific needs.

Services include:

  • outreach and engagement
  • intake and assessment
  • service planning
  • housing and rental assistance
  • linkages to health
  • mental health
  • substance abuse services
  • assistance with benefits establishment
  • transportation
  • legal issues
  • crisis management
  • eviction prevention
  • client education
  • housing location services
  • and other supportive services.

These services make it possible to serve the most vulnerable in our community, giving them the help they need so they can thrive. For more information on these services, please call 818-901-4836.