Transition Age Youth Recovery, Resilience and Re-integration (TAY RRR)

/, Homeless/Transition Age Youth Recovery, Resilience and Re-integration (TAY RRR)

The Transition Age Youth Recovery, Resilience and Re-integration Program (TAY RRR) meets the needs of 90 youth ages 16-25. The mission of the program reflects the psychosocial rehabilitation model, where evidence-based practices and principles related to wellness and recovery are utilized. The program facilitates a seamless transition for the TAY FSP enrollee, who needs a less intensive level of care as they meet their recovery goals.

Alternatively, TAY RRR services may circumvent the need for an intensive level of care (e.g., IMD). The population served includes: those who have a mental illness; are unserved; are inappropriately served; are underserved; have a co-occurring disorder; homeless or at risk of being homeless; aging out of the child welfare/juvenile justice systems and the children’s system of care; exiting long-term institutional care; and /or experiencing their first psychotic break. Mental health stability, increased autonomy, and the development of age-appropriate skills is promoted and supported by a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary treatment team with a 1: 20-25 staff to client ratio. Services include: Mental Health Services (e.g., individual, group, and family therapy) with an intensive focus on rehabilitation, Targeted Case Management Services, Crisis Intervention Services (including 24/7telephone response) and Medication Support Services.

Funding for this program is provided through the Mental Health Services Act.

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