Adult Full Service Partnership (AFSP)

/, Homeless/Adult Full Service Partnership (AFSP)

Outreach & Engagement, Assessment, Medication Evaluation & Follow-Up, Healthy Living Support, Individual Rehabilitation Services, In Home and Community-Based Services, Crisis Intervention, Client and Caregivers Support Counseling, Peer Advocacy and Support.

The Adult FSP program was established in 2006 through the Mental Health Services Act to serve adults ages 26-59 with severe and persistent mental illness, who may be homeless and frequent users of hospitals and emergency rooms, cycling through different institutional and involuntary settings, or being cared for by families outside of any institutional setting. Services include comprehensive mental health, intensive case management, medication support, and a “whatever it takes” approach through full use of the Center’s Cornerstone homeless program’s milieu services.

Within the FSP program is Assisted Outpatient Treatment – Los Angeles (AOT-LA) or Laura’s Law. Established in 2015 for consumers 18 and older, this offers services to individuals who have a history of non-compliance with treatment. Enrollment into Laura’s Law through the FSP program strives to stabilize and integrate these consumers back into the community.

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