Hamlin RRR

//Hamlin RRR

Hamlin Adult Recovery, Resilience and Re-integration (RRR) is a new Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) program that provides specialized mental health services to consumers in the field where the client is.

The program is for clients who:

  • are at risk of institutional placement
  • have difficulty stabilizing or engaging in traditional mental health services
  • are repeatedly in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms
  • have difficulty meeting initial goals of mental health recovery.

The multi-disciplinary team is staffed by professional, paraprofessional, and peer counseling staff working together to reach out and engage underserved, unserved, and inappropriately served clients toward stabilization and initial steps of recovery. The focus of RRR also involves working with community partners to provide a wide range of needed clinical services offered in the field that are designed to initiate recovery. As the client breaks through initial blocks to treatment and engages in more recovery-oriented goals, he or she is transitioned to other programs such as Wellness Centers in order to develop a foundation in recovery-based services.

Services include:

  • outreach and engagement
  • field-based services and crisis support
  • comprehensive assessment,
  • individual and family treatment
  • medication support
  • case management and linkage to other needed services
  • mental health support
  • money management/payeeships
  • group counseling
  • identification and help in addressing immediate barriers to mental health recovery
  • transition to longer term recovery-based services to help client engage in meaningful activity; begin participating in, or return to, the workforce; resume educational goals; and develop healthy social support networks

Walk-ins allowed as long as criteria for service is met.  Referrals are accepted from Mental Health Providers, Hospitals, Treatment Teams, and the DMH Service Navigator. Referrals are also accepted from Board and Care facilities, Adult Day Health Cares, Doctor offices, Los Angeles Public Guardian, IMD Administration, Service Area II Impact Meeting, 28 day crisis residential programs, urgent care facilities, and faith based organizations if a representative can provide eligibility information.

Funding for the program is provided through the Department of Mental Health – MHSA and services are reimbursed through Medi-Cal as available.

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