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Cornerstone RRR provides field-based services which includes a comprehensive array of mental health, intensive case management, dual diagnosis services and medication support services. The program has a milieu setting which includes laundry facilities, shower facilities, locker facilities and daily mental health groups.

Cornerstone RRR provides immediate assistance to mentally ill, homeless individuals for basic survival needs including showers, light meals, laundry facilities, lockers, mail services and linkage to shelters, transitional and long term housing placements. Clients are assisted in applying for mainstream benefits, and receive medication evaluations/monitoring and individual and group counseling, as needed. A structured mental health milieu is provided seven days a week offering daily groups which address issues of homelessness and rehabilitative services which promote skills in independent living. Additionally, Cornerstone offers field-based services and on-site health and vocational services tailored to meet the needs of the client population.

When clients come to Cornerstone, they immediately receive assistance with basic, self-care needs. They also receive mental health care assessments and participate in daily individual counseling sessions and self-help groups. Special areas of focus are the development of independent living skills and money management.

As clients develop trusting relationships with counselors, they may choose to receive additional services such as psychiatric evaluation, treatment for concurrent mental illness and substance use issues, and medication. Clients are also provided assistance in obtaining transitional or permanent housing.

Funds are provided in whole or in part by the County of Los Angeles through the Department of Mental Health and the Mental Health Services Act.

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