Transition Age Youth Outpatient

//Transition Age Youth Outpatient

The Transitional Youth Outpatient Program provides a range of mental health services to transitional age youth ages 17-21. The goal of services is to effectively manage the clients’ symptoms of mental illness, decrease potential for hospitalization, develop social and independent living skills, increase ability to handle activities of daily living, and improve social support networks. The treatment team provides mental health services to include assessment, individual therapy, collateral contacts with family members, and crisis intervention. Targeted case management is provided to assist with linking clients as needed to community based resources which can include educational, employment, benefits, housing and medical referrals. Medication support services include an initial psychiatric evaluation to determine medication needs then monthly meetings with psychiatrist for ongoing medication monitoring. The program is also designed to facilitate educational and vocational advancement, maintain appropriate housing, and other supportive interventions to promote enhanced quality of life and functioning.


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