Children’s Full Service Partnership (CFSP)

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The Children’s Full Service Partnership Program (C-FSP) assists children with serious emotional disturbances and their families by utilizing a strength-based, family centered approach. In addition to individual mental health interventions for the child, services are also provided to meet the needs of parents regarding their own mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence issues, which impacts the family’s/child’s stabilization.

Most services are provided in the field and services are intensive. Program staff respond to crises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

C-FSP also provides case management and linkage to community resources regarding: housing, financial and health services. The program also offers psychiatry services. Clients generally need coverage from MediCal, although there is a small amount of funds for children without coverage.

This is a DMH contracted program funded through the Mental Health Services Act. Referrals are provided directly by the DMH.

Success Story

James’ Story

James began receiving services with Children’s Full Service Partnership (CFSP) due to aggressive behaviors that had been escalating out of control for some time. In school, James was hitting his peers almost daily in addition to hitting, kicking and biting staff at least once a week. At home, he would [...]


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