The Los Angeles County Third District Diversion (50) and Alternative Sentencing Pilot Program is designed for adults who are chronically homeless, suffer from a serious mental illness, and commit select misdemeanor and felony crimes within the Third Supervisorial District of Los Angeles County.

Direct referral from the Van Nuys Court and San Fernando Court are made by the DMH liaisons in those court houses.

A multi-disciplinary treatment team provides services based on Housing First Model. Intensive services are provided by clinicians, case managers, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors and housing specialists

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Individuals are linked to the Diversion 50 Program through the Department of Mental Health liaisons located at the Van Nuys and San Fernando Courthouses.
  • Individuals who are currently incarcerated for select misdemeanors and felony crimes, who are chronically homeless and are mentally ill may be referred to the program.
  • Referrals by the court liaisons are made to the Diversion staff who assess candidates to determine if program criteria is met.

Services Provided:

  • Multiple interventions by Psychiatric Emergency Services & Urgent Care Centers
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Assessment
  • Medication Evaluation & Follow-Up
  • Healthy Living Support
  • Individual Rehabilitation Services
  • Housing, Vocational Support
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Onsite Benefits Specialist
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Post Incarceration Support/ Group

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